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Security and data privacy

Our pricing model is suitable for large and small businesses.

Save up to 50% on payroll, taxes, vacation pay, recruiting, hiring and managing thanks to Roslin.

State of the art equipment and software.

High quality communication lines.

We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Twilio to ensure excellent uptime, security, and redundancy.

We protect clients, customers, and employees.

To protect our clients’ security, we constantly adapt to technology, monitor risks and threats, comply with international regulations on data privacy and seek new ways to guarantee our clients’ security.




Variety of agent models: dedicated, shared or blended agents for your business.

Our ability to leverage workforce from our two locations, in New York City and a growing team of agents in Europe gives our clients the edge they need to meet peak service level demands and growth objectives.

Our programs are unique and customized to meet your specific industry needs. Each Roslin program is designed specifically to deliver results by the right professionals with the right skills, equipment and software.

Dedicated or shared team + separate manager.

24 / 7 / 365 client support.

Fully transparent, on-demand analysis and reporting.

You will have access to call management and tracking tools and will be able to monitor recorded conversations and evaluate and improve our performance as your campaign progresses.

We are a multicultural, highly skilled, and deeply knowledgeable expert team.

Our agents are carefully selected for their excellent English and customer service skills. 100% of our agents have a college-level education.

We regularly train our agents in the art of customer service and sales negotiation.

We work hard to retain our talent. As of July 2019 - 75% of our agents have been with Roslin greater than 3 years.




In addition to investing in redundancy, our investment activities include buying assets to reduce or eliminate regular fixed costs.

Ability to effectively outsource your entire business process or just segments of the process to a highly scalable team of agents.

At now more than 30 seats with over 10,000 square feet of real estate to spare, we can scale to 500 seats within 45 days notice.

We speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, German and other languages.

We’re always happy to meet new people.

Drop us a line at hello@roslin.us for inquiries.


Roslin. Your good call.

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